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Re: High Country Theosophist - Correction on Subscription

Jun 08, 1997 08:15 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Hi, Here is a correction on the subscription rate.


>Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 05:17:58 -0600
>From: dslusser <>
>Organization: The High Country Theosophist
>To: M K Ramadoss <>
>Subject: Re: High Country Theosophist - Sept 1992
>References: <>
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> Hello
>>    In response to a request, Dick Slusser, the Editor of The High Country
>> Theosophist has made the September 1992 issue available for posting on the
>> theos-l. All of us should be profoundly thankful to Dick for letting HCT be
>> posted on theos-l.
>>    It is hoped that posting will help many theos-l subscribers in the USA
>> and especially outside USA be able to read the publication for free. This
>> will be appreciated particularly by those who cannot afford to purchase them
>> and also for those in some of the countries, especially in the former Soviet
>> Union and third world, where access to US Dollars is very tough and
>> relatively very expensive.
>>    It is hoped that other issues of HCT (including the back issues) will be
>> posted on theos-l in future.
>>    Any comments may please be posted on theos-l and copied to Dick Slusser at
>> .........MK Ramadoss
>> CC: Dick Slusser
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>> THE HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST has the following editorial objectives:
>> (1)  To present articles and essays consistent with source theosophy,
>> otherwise known as the Ancient Wisdom; as given by The  Masters and H.P.
>> Blavatsky, and  other theosophical writers  consistent with this tradition.
>> (2)  To examine contemporary  ethical, religious, metaphysical, scientific
>> and philosophical issues from the viewpoint of the source theosophical
>> teachings.
>> 3)  To impartially examine significant events and issues in the history of
>> the theosophical movement which have affected and shaped its present-day
>> realities.
>> (4)  To serve as a forum for the free interchange of ideas and commentary
>> and to facilitate various projects in furtherance of Theosophical principles.
>> Annual subscriptions renew in  June.  Complimentary copies and abstracts of
>> back issues are available on request to:
>> Dick Slusser, 140 S. 33rd. St.,
>> Boulder, Colo. 80303-3426.
>> Tel. (303) 494-5482.
>> is published monthly for $7.50 per year by Richard Slusser,
>Correction please: The $7.50/yr price applied to 1992.  Since then the
>content of the HCT HAS been increased from 16 to 20-24 pages and the
>smail subscription is $9.00 (US), $11.00 (Foreign Surface), $18.00
>(Foreign via air).  However, free yearly subscriptions are available on
>written request to those for whom the cost is a hardship.
>> 140 S. 33rd St., Bldr, CO. 80303-3426.
>> POSTMASTER: Send address changes to:
>> 140 S. 33rd St., Boulder, CO. 80303-3426
>> Periodicals Postage Paid at Boulder, CO.

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