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Re: HCT - 9/92

Jun 08, 1997 03:40 AM
by M K Ramadoss

The High Country Theosophist issue of Sept 1992 which was posted a couple of
hours ago was very informative especially on the analysis of the background
information relating to the Canadian Section.

In the past, it is very difficult even to know of any developments in other
sections. I believe that when one of the sections in Europe was terminated,
it was years before a neigboring country knew about it.  Each section kept
unto itself and there was no way for cross transmission of information
between members of sections. So it could be years before members of other
sections find out any developments. Such compartmentalized information,
though not deliberate and planned, effectively helped the administrations.
(Sometime ago when details of some administrative matters were asked, the
response was that the matters are too complicated so that the unlettered and
uninitiated membership will not be able to comprehend and only those
properly anointed will be able to decipher the issues -- which is nothing
but insult to the intelligence and ability of many of the membership)

All that is changing with Internet much to the discomfort to the hierarchy
of many organizations used to do business the old fashion way, pencil, paper
and snailmail. Now anyone having access to Internet anywhere in the world
can post a msg to keep the rest of the world know of important developments
-- whether good, bad or indifferent. The only restraint which may prevent
someone from posting such information is perhaps some legal implications or
some direct or indirect or subtle pressure that can and sometimes does get

It is my hope that we will be able to see more of the back issues of HCT
posted here.


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