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Re: Theos-World Cayce and 1998 (fwd)

Jun 07, 1997 03:59 AM
by apriorip

These predictions for 1998 are fascinating...some indications

<<There are five major claims made in the Cayce readings about
next year.  First is that we will begin to perceive the meaning
of the Aquarian Age for the first time. Although the shift
from Piscean to Aquarian ages is gradual rather than precise,
Cayce says 1998 is the time when Aquarian energies come through

     This also when both Neptune & Uranus are in Aquarius together...a
powerul "electrical intuition" in relation the sign.

<< Second is that there will be a major discovery in
Egypt, of Atlantean records buried in a chamber beneath the

     There has already been, as I suppose many know, a seismic survey of
that area and they have confirmed that there is an undergreound chamber
there...they are just now waiting for permission to excavate.

<< Third is that Edgar Cayce himself will be reborn.
Fourth is that the Messiah will "enter."  Fifth is that major
earth changes will have commenced by then.>>

     Astrologically major earth changes are said to begin in a couple of
weeks and continue for two years..we'll see.


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