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On the terrible fact of militias (the dugpas in goverment are attacking!)

Jun 06, 1997 01:20 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

Hi guys and gals here
No need to comment much Jaqi's terrible situation. here, close to the
border, we have the same situation (Border patrol guys killing inmigrant
mexicans,Mexican poor doped soldiers searching for subvertive groups (So
close as San Quintin!) and terrible fights in the state of Guerrero,
between guerrilla and soldiers, trucks full of soldiers sometimes
passing in streets (speccialy when Zedillo came here) even when he is
not here...can i prosigue?
No, is too depresing knowing that, and as for you that you still think
you live in the quiet hobbiton, it is no more, open the eyes, and
realize that some terrible threat on YOUR COUNTRY (US) is rottening the
minds of the pepole....i wish to be wrong, but incidents as Alfred
Murrah's building won't be isolate. There are TOO MANY PARAMILITARY
ORGANIZATIONS IN YOUR COUNTRY, be aware of the fact (of course, pepole
here in this list are too wise for not hadded notice that) In Guatemala,
was the first stop recognizable....remember the destruction there...if
you knew of that, of course....i'll realize that pepole of US are the
worst informed of the world. They are so inocent of realize of the
danger, the real danger....i don't want to alarm you, but could be some
paramilitary wars in your country.IS OUR RESPONSABILITY TO STAND UP

(Space for Chuck to make a black joke on the subject to cool this off)

As for me, i'll print Jaqi's post and make some photocopies of that and
post them in school. i'll try to make a spanish version.
P.S. If someone here can localize Sweinn, tell them i'll write to

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