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about what Doss posted

Jun 05, 1997 04:57 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Estrella,

I agree with you about Besant and Leadbeater. There are some on this list
who inist on knocking these 2, and without letup. I've had long debates
about this in the past, and I'm very tired of seeing destructive garbage on
a Theosophical mailing list. All I want to say now is that if they were so
terrible, then how come somebody wrote a few days ago that the TS had the
largest membership ever while Besant was President. Also why is it that
Adyar, which is the branch which studies Besant and Leadbeater, among
others, is the one with the largest membership now? Must have done something
Calling Alice Bailey a fraud is just as mean. There a people who find their
spiritual nourishment in her writings. Then why knock her?
I want to say once more that to my way of thinking there are so few
Theosophists, that we would do much better to find the similarities all our
sections can agree on, and dwell on those, rather than keep on harping on
our destructive differences. If we're going to form a nucleus of humanity,
let's put a little tolerance into the pie, and show some respect for each
other's beliefs. Wouldn't that be nice!


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