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Jun 02, 1997 02:08 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>There was a mention that HPB herself knew
>that the work of TS was to prepare the coming of a new Messenger from
>the the Great White Lodge -- she did mention about it in her writings --
>and if the Messenger did come, then is it possible that the work of the
>TS is over. Just a speculation that may shock some traditionalists.

Doss, why do you think only "one" messenger is coming?  It seems
to me that several have already come, that several are here now, and
that more will follow.  Most prefer the background to the limelight, thus
come and go unnoticed.

>But let us remember that even great religions had their day and when
>their time was up, they were gone. One of my reasons for this line of
>thinking is the fact that after Krishnaji started speaking, we never had a
>charismatic leader in TS. None is in sight now either.

A "charismatic leader" is only one type of Messenger.  Personally,
I find Grace Knoche to be a bit charismatic (she is, IMHO, very
"spiritual" however you want to define that term).  Or does every
Messenger have to come through Wheaton?

>Sometimes one shudders at the potential future in the hands of a
>un-charismatic leadership. May be it is time for a last wake up call
>and see the urgency of the situation.

Actually, I fail to see what your "urgency" is?  Without charisma,
a leader has little influence anyway.  I am not sure, but I think you
said it backwards--how about " the hands of an unscrupulous yet
charismatic leader."  And, I am altogether unsure how such a
person would ever get to the top of any TS.

Just a few thoughts.  The main thought I want to leave you with
is that sometimes a Messenger or Leader comes, does his or
her thing, and leaves, and is never noticed or realized.  BTW, this
is exactly the way the Lodge prefers it.  Messengers only "make
waves" when absolutely necessary.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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