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Marrage and Self-Indulgence

Jun 02, 1997 02:19 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>In "The Mahatma Letters" is the following: "Occult Science does not allow
>a shadow of self-indulgence, and is incompatible with the ordinary course
>of married life."

While this is a direct quote from the TS Bible and has to be right,
it also should be taken in context, and with some common sense.
As long as a person carrys a physical body around and functions
through an ego or personality, they HAVE to have shadows of
self-indulgence now and again.  And whether or not occult science
is compatible with marriage depends on who one marries.  Occult
Science, believe it or not folks, doesn't really care all that much if
a person who studies it is married or not.  Being married makes it
harder to learn (mostly cause of the required time) but not

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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