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Jun 02, 1997 01:10 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

I saw Mark's question, missed Titus's answer, but can reply
vaguely that yes, HPB and Purucker both address the argument
between Hindus and Buddhists on this score and try to reconcile
the two perspectives.  HPB talks about the skandhas a lot, but
also says that there is a "reincarnating ego."

I'd say the two can be reconciled this way: there's no such
thing, in Blavatskian Theosophy, as "my Atman" and "your
Atman."  Yet Atman is considered "part" of the individual's
constitution along with buddhi, manas, kama, and the lower vehicles.
All the "principles" change in the course of evolution, so
there is no fixed identity.

Therefore, Buddhists are right, according to HPB, in saying
that there is no changeless principle within us that incarnates
from one lifetime to another.  Because Atman is not "within us"
but always beyond and behind all manifestation.  Yet there is One Self of the
entire universe, as the Hindus teach, and each of us is rooted
in that Self.

I can look this up at home later if more detail is required.


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