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Re: The Price of Truth

Jun 02, 1997 01:08 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>To another segment of seekers, a free program with no
>mention of money would be a key element.
>Perhaps there isn't a single way that would work for
>everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Eldon, I agree with you.  My main point is that everyone
should have to pay something, not necessarily money.
Time, effort or labor, for example, will also work.  It is
unfortunate, but true, that we live in a society where
free things are not valued much, and the more one pays
in some kind of commodity, the more appreciation
one seems to have.  In olden days, a good guru
would make a chela work very hard for a long time,
often for years, before giving out any teachings--which
were then highly appreciated.  This is, actually, better
than money.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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