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Thoughts about the Festivals (Jim)

Jun 02, 1997 12:47 PM
by Sveinn Freyr


Comments on your post - 25 May on the Festivals:

Jim wrote:
>Some theosophists are so strict on this that they do not accept anything
after >HPB's death;

Jim, - tell them to wake up.
The Arhats will be with us in the next century, and then they will give us
more teaching than ever before. And that will in time lead to this:

        "Now in those days, brethren, there shall arise in the world an
Exalted One by name Metteyya ( the Kindly One ), an Arahant, a Fully
Enlightened One, endowed with wisdom and righteousness, a Happy One, a
World-knower, the peerless Charioteer of men to be tamed, a Teacher of the
devas and mankind, an Exalted One, a Buddha like myself.
        He of his own abnormal powers shall realize and make known the
world, and the worlds of the devas, with their Maras, their Brahmas, the
host of recluses and brahmins, of devas and mankind alike, even as I do now.
        He shall proclaim the Norm, lovely in its beginning, lovely in its
middle, and lovely in the end thereof. He shall make known the wholly
perfect life of righteousness in all its purity, both in the spirit and in
the letter of it, even as I do now.
        He shall lead an Order of Brethren numbering many thousands, even as
I do now lead an Order of Brethren numbering many hundreds."

                        D.N. iii. 76

>A large group of our Society does not accept CWLeadbeater's writings,
>a subset of that group lumps Annie Besant together with CWL, the split
>over Krishnamurti continues . . . and so on.

By my opinion, these three persons did well, and as well as they could. But
each of them made mistakes. Our mistake is to expect to much of them, and
thereby accept them with a swallow or expel them with a condemn.

>The teachings on the Festivals are predominantly from the Bailey writings,..

The knowledge of the Festivals has always been with us.

>Regarding the lesser festivals:
>You wrote that the meditation cycles following the moon periods are well
>known among theosophists -- I'm not so sure about that.  Ours is such a
>diverse group that it naturally segments into folks drawn to study of the
>SD, or astrology, or tarot, or "New Age" or . . . whatever, but I haven't
>noticed any real emphasis here in the USA about the cycles of the moon among
>the rank and file membership.  Is it different in your country?

The Greater Festivals are not dependent on the cycles of the moon. I think
it is a mistake to overemphasize the phases of the moon. The full moon
periods are useful for meditation. Then the tiny etheric particles move with
more speed, and the etheric light brightens. The full moon period is
especially useful for spiritual group work. Therefore the Triangles group
meditations are most useful at that time. And also; interesting events take
place in the Higher Worlds at the periods of full moon. Perhaps you call
these events Festivals?
When I think of the Festivals, then I have in mind The Festivals of Shambhalla.
And then there is, The Great Festival of The Solar Logos, held at Christmas.
I am certain that you can find some comments about this Great Festival in
the books written by Bailey. Ask your fellow-students about this. They may know.

Jim...I wish to make a comment about this letter.
I wrote this letter as a sketch, and wrote my mind with the intention to
read the letter over, the next morning. But when I read it over, I had a
second thought about sending it. I felt that I was saying to much. This
letter may be somewhat obscure to some, but others may find in it something
useful. It includes compact information. I think it deals with a subject,
that we must deal with.

There is a flood of esoteric knowledge waiting at our doorsteps. Many
students have far more knowledge, than they are willing to present. Too many
good students isolate themselves. They are aloof of the group-minds. This
must change, if we are to make a strong united progress. Therefore I will
send this letter as it is. It is an effort, to open up thought on important

I can not give a definite reply to your question. I have only been in USA as
a traveler and therefore do not have enough knowledge to judge from.
My opinion is; that in my land many pay attention to the full moon period,
for the reason to meditate. And also in order to take part in Triangles, and
in Triangles group work. The work of Triangles is well known in Iceland. And
those who take part in that work, often have a group meeting at the period
of full moon, or within a day or so. Triangles group meetings have been held
regularly for many years.

Those meetings called "Triangles meetings" are held outside in the summer
time. In the winter time, Triangles meetings are held weekly at our
seminars. There are also other Triangles meetings. I heard about a new group
just few days ago formed by persons that take part in the seminars. A
Triangle by three persons, and Triangles groups are being formed here and
there. In Triangles groups, participants form a pattern of a Triangle by
forming three separate groups, and use outspoken powerful invocation as they
visualize a white Triangle, between the three standing groups. The Sacred
Word Om is also used at Triangles meetings.

You know; The Word AUM is pronounced as Om. The correct pronunciation of The
Word in Icelandic, is by having comma over the letter O. The Sound is Óm.
That is how The Sacred Word is sounded in the Higher Worlds. The sound of
The Sacred Word, evokes The Sacred Sound of Fire.  And by the way The Sacred
Word ends, so begins The Sacred Sound of Fire. The energies of Fire
triangularize in descent, when evoked. Therefore Triangles meditations evoke
the energies of Spirit. Triangles meditations are the most powerful method
we can use, to take part in, and further the Plan of Spiritual Evolution.
Even power sentences (mantrams) are not needed. But if used, the meaning
must be understood. Then that meaning works out.

I will open for you a page of my book of life, in order to explain to you,
why and how I know some subjects we are writing about. We can then compare
what we know as a fact, and what we have studied as a theory.

When I had entered my 22 year of age, walking outside early in a day. I
suddenly felt a strong desire to go home, to try my fitness and test my
ability and theoretical knowledge, to try to leave the physical body fully
awake, and then travel about in the etheric dimensions. I went home and
placed myself in a couch. Gradually, I found that my understanding from the
studies through the years was incomplete. There were missing links here and
there in the method.
Step by step, by a trying effort, I recollected old knowledge from inner
memory. And by a threefold process of internal commands, and by using a
protection power-word, I united my consciousness within the head by inner
commands, and with an increasing awakening consciousness. From the head and
then through the breath channels, I left the physical body. Tiny is the unit
of consciousness as it passes, and loud is the sound of the heart and of the
breath when departing. By will I passed the tomb of darkness and The
Questioner without any fear of death. -  I was free.

But what then..?
I was not alone, a close friend of mine and also the inner Self - the
Soul-man had taken part in the process. This was then a beginning of a
gradual upgrading journey, later partaken in by Heavenly choruses and the
sounding of The Sacred Word AUM. The person and the soul-man, united in
consciousness, face the descending Spirit by its triangularizing method of

The method is this way: When the upgrading influence of the choruses had
culminated and the power of the repeated sounding of The Sacred Word
culminated, - then thundered The Great Sound of Spirit. As it thunders, a
tiny white point is seen. The point becomes a star. The star flashes out
with fourfold arms. The speed of the rotating center swings the arms to form
a Swastika. Within the center, a white Triangle appears. The Triangle
rotates not, but enlarges. The speed of the rotating Swastika, then forms
many diamond shaped triangles, fast revolving around the enlarging central
Triangle. By will, one enters through the Triangle - "The Philosophers
Stone" - a mantram is sounded.

By that method, I was within the world of Monads - the Diamond World - where
the highest form of matter and Fire meets. In that world we see the diamond
shaped forms - and inside the Monad forms, we see the descended Fires - the
Spirits - the Flames of Life. The Flames of Life which have descended from
the Highest to the World of Monads, in order to repeat again, and take part
in Systemic Evolution. Monads arrange around the Center of the Monadic Wheel
by their ability to graduate energy and to transfer The Sound of Fire.

The Monads have basically twofold constitution. That is the transparent
Monad form, and the inside struggling Fire of Life - The Spirit - The Flame.
Arranged around the center of The Great Wheel of Monads, we can see the
liberated Flames - the Adepts - in their various grades of power. The grade
of power depends on the ability of the Flame, to transfer The Fire of Spirit
to the upsurging Torrent.  The Adepts are free of the triangular monadic
form, and are as close to us as is our own breath. In the mid-center of the
Monadic Wheel one can see The Great Chohan who synthesizes the whole Center
and directs the upsurging Torrent of Fire.

There are many Monad Wheels, one can come close to them but not enter.
Their Sound, Purpose and Rhythm is different. Within the World of Monads one
understands the meaning of the word Brotherhood. The Monad Wheels differ in
energy graduation. Some are very active, others are not so active. And some
have not manifested to physical descent. Monadic Space is endless, similar
to looking into nights clear sky. The Monad Universe thrills with Life and
Power. The world of Monads is unique. No other world can be compared with
it. It seems to me that the higher atmic levels have similar relations to
the World of Monads as the three higher subplanes of the mental plane have
to the World of Souls.

When entering my physical body, it was as if I had entered from within an
atomic explosion, such was the energy impact on the body. There was a voice
within and in the air of the room, that said: "Be Pure." I walked about for
a while and noticed that it was late in a night. I looked out from the
window, into the garden and up to the sky. It was full moon. Then I prepared
for rest, and went to sleep.

Twelve years later I took part in a Festival. The Great Palace of Whom I can
not speak, became a fact. The One, Who is our Logos manifested, is young.
Among the many interesting facts that became clear, was that we are visited
by groups of humans from other Planetary Schemes at such Festivals.

A year later, I felt within, a strong will to explore the lower ethers, and
to test my fitness. I had had many fights in the ethers and did not know
defeat. I was held by a feeling of being invulnerable. Full of vigor I went
to the lower spheres. I did not use the protection power-words when leaving
the body.

I will not try to tell what that journey is like, but when I was about to
return I was suddenly confronted by a being of extreme power. A being of
Cosmic origin. The One opposing our Logos manifested. A battle was on in
extreme speed.
It is enough to say, that he got hold of all that within me, that belonged
to him. Two lightning's struck each other within my consciousness, one of
darkness and one of light. I made it back by will, with my etheric body in
pieces. Some do not make it back as free men. They become stuck - remote
controlled slaves of the Lord of evil. Some can free themselves later, by
extreme effort, if the Spirit is strong. And some make it back dead. This
was extremely painful. I felt that I was beginning to recover after about
two years.

In time, all will pass this experience with the Giant accumulator of dross.
And after that, there are only two ways. Most of us enter this trial while
at sleep. The nature of our etheric bodies permits only a few, to pass this
trial the hard way, - in awake consciousness. Our microcosm is on trial.
Then things happens fast - all is tested. Man is then, not given time to
think. The "Esoteric Way" is among the dangerous Ways, because we know what
is ahead. One should not scoff at the importance of the refinement
principle. If the Heart is not at work then the man is in danger. If
perversive factors are within, then the man is in danger. Immoral and
nonethical fashions of our ages are harmful. Groups can fall. Our World is
on trial.

To teach "Occultism" without ethics is a sure way to make slaves of evil.
Those who hinder the proceeding process of Spiritual Truth, are fossilized.
Those who hinder human understanding and approach towards our Logos are
remote controlled. Let us not forget that there is a war in the Worlds. This
war is between two Cosmic Giants of Power. In the Worlds of our planet, this
war is the hardest. Reader, do you know your Way.?

Each man must find his Way, and work.
We can help in this war by using Triangles meditations - and power sentences
- and AUM - thus evoke spiritual energies.

>You also asked about references in the Bailey works about the Winter Solstice:
>There is an independently-published book entitled MASTER INDEX OF THE
>TIBETAN AND ALICE A. BAILEY BOOKS which does not mention any listing of
>the Winter Solstice, per se.  There are *many* references to the
significance of
>the Cardinal points, etc. in the book ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, ...

>I wasn't able to find what I think you meant in the Bailey books -- did I
>get that right?  The Winter festival is particularly associated with the New
>Group of World Servers,...

This "MASTER INDEX" is no good.
I am certain that there is some information on this subject in those books.
Try again.

Jim, - it is the other way: The Festival of  "The New Group of World
Servers" is  particularly associated with the Winter Solstice Festival.
The soul cells ( " The New Groups" ) are integrating in The Solar Body.
It is a Systemic process.
The clue is, that we are in the sixth Solar System of seven.
Thus the Heart centers of the Schemes are the most important, and the
qualities of the Heart. We are all Adepts in Spirit from the last Solar System.
Our Solar System is highly evolved and will graduate Humanity of the Chohan
degree. We are just beginning on The Way.

Best wishes,

Sveinn Freyr

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