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Re: Thoughts about the Festivals (Sveinn)

Jun 02, 1997 12:04 PM
by apriorip

Dear Sveinn,

I read your accounts of your experiences with great interest as I am
also very sensitive and aware of subtle energy realms.  I have many who
I have discussed out of body experiences with and you would have
experienced a field of astral perception providing a beautiful
representation of the monadic realm.  Of course the idea is that we each
are to become aware of these fields while fully conscious in our
physical forms...referred to as "continuity of consciousness" in the A.
Bailey books.

Regarding the festivals, I do not recall (or know esoterically) of a
major reference to the winter solstice in the Bailey books (...have read
them all, some many times), although there is mention that the Masters
do begin preparing for the Spring festivals from the moment of the
winter solstice.


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