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Re: Book Browsing, On-Line & Off

May 24, 1997 08:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:14 PM 5/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Good Cyber-Day, All:
>Today (Saturday, 5/24) I visited the Quest Bookstore in NYC for
>the first time in years....what a great place!!!
>Let me speak openly as a bookstore junkie:  if a Barnes & Noble
>employee can find it in their computer system, then you save a
>few bucks.  If they can't, they look at you as though your
>schizophrenia license just expired and maybe they should call
>security.  Ditto Border's, which we have in White Plains (I'm a
>resident of Westchester County) as well as Manhattan.
>I haven't visited their on-line site.  My URL of choice is
>, which carries many titles one would not expect them
>Today's visit to Quest reminded me of something:  perhaps books
>exist that I don't have enough sense to look for.  That is, old-
>style shelf-browsing is a GOOD THING.  I can save another few
>bucks at but I've resolved to visit Quest every few
>months or so just to keep up.
>So what did I purchase today?  A TREATISE ON COSMIC FIRE.  But
>what am I going to return for?  Don't know yet -- a bunch of
>titles are floating through my mind.
>When I leave a bookstore website, it's certainly not with the
>same richness of memories that a visit to a good bookstore
>provides.  I doubt that, excepting for the East-West bookstores,
>which seem to be NYC's New Age response to McDonald's, there's
>another store around quite like Quest.
>                           Scott Hutton
I guess different strokes for different people.


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