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Book Browsing, On-Line & Off

May 24, 1997 05:13 PM
by texhut

Good Cyber-Day, All:

Today (Saturday, 5/24) I visited the Quest Bookstore in NYC for
the first time in years....what a great place!!!

Let me speak openly as a bookstore junkie:  if a Barnes & Noble
employee can find it in their computer system, then you save a
few bucks.  If they can't, they look at you as though your
schizophrenia license just expired and maybe they should call
security.  Ditto Border's, which we have in White Plains (I'm a
resident of Westchester County) as well as Manhattan.

I haven't visited their on-line site.  My URL of choice is, which carries many titles one would not expect them

Today's visit to Quest reminded me of something:  perhaps books
exist that I don't have enough sense to look for.  That is, old-
style shelf-browsing is a GOOD THING.  I can save another few
bucks at but I've resolved to visit Quest every few
months or so just to keep up.

So what did I purchase today?  A TREATISE ON COSMIC FIRE.  But
what am I going to return for?  Don't know yet -- a bunch of
titles are floating through my mind.

When I leave a bookstore website, it's certainly not with the
same richness of memories that a visit to a good bookstore
provides.  I doubt that, excepting for the East-West bookstores,
which seem to be NYC's New Age response to McDonald's, there's
another store around quite like Quest.

                           Scott Hutton

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