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Re: Guru gas?

May 24, 1997 06:49 PM
by kymsmith

Jaqi. wrote:

>What you say is very, very true.  But to those who have known inertia all
>their lives and desire nothing more, they have everything they desire and
>are, therefore, happy, are they not?

I wouldn't think so.  How can one be happy in a state of inertia?  And not
knowing any better isn't happiness, is it?  Ignorance isn't happiness.

>Without desires, I see a world totally lacking of humans.

And animals, and insects, and plants, etc. . .

>This was good advice when 100 - 1000 people lived in every city.  When
>things didn't have to be complex to serve the complexity of humanity.

I fail to see how the phrase "Desire nothing" could ever be good advice - be
it for one or one million.

>I sware I can't spell
>today *laugh* (sware?)

Sware is the correct spelling.  I swear.

>I think the idea is to find out which desires we have are really important
>to our existence and to our evolution, and which ones are just a fancy.

I basically agree with most of what you said.  Your closing statement sums
it up nicely.

So like, did you ever say what your new name means or from whence it comes?


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