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Re: Charging Money

May 24, 1997 07:32 PM
by kymsmith

>> Kym wrote: priviledged

> Tom wrote: priveleged

Before we go on. . .let's get something straight.  Privileged is not spelled
"priviledged" or "priveleged."  And since I caught it first, I win.

Tom wrote:

>How much money someone has is a rough estimate of society's debt to him
>or her.  To the extent that money has been gained by contributing to
>society, those who have it should be priveleged.  Charging for programs
>also weeds out those who are less interested.

Hello?  Knock, knock.  Hello?  How much money someone has is a rough
estimate of society debt to him or her?  Ok, how much do we owe Mother
Theresa?  Or Jesus?  Or the woman who rocks to sleep the abandoned
crack-addicted babies?  Or the man who mentors for adolescent boys who have
no one to turn to?  Ok, now, let's talk about the wonderful humanitarian
works of Trump, Gingrich, Helmsley, Perot, etc. . .gee, nothing's coming to
mind.  Any ideas?

Charging for programs also weeds out those who are less interested!  Well,
sink me, you're full today, aren't ya?  The Theosophical Lodges need to
change their gardening practices. The only thing charging does is keep out
those who can't afford it, no matter how interested they are.  Flash: the
spending of money does not signify interest in a cause or program. . .

>> (Kym wrote) The most priceless of gifts are free.  Charging people to
hear about
>>Theosophy simply cheapens the message.
>Maybe Quest Books should stop charging for books.

Pardon, but, Quest Books is not a Lodge, it is a business.  But, since you
insist. . .this is where libraries come in.  There will always be those who
can and want to pay for their own copies of books, but for those who cannot,
copies should be provided via the libraries.  These books can be obtained
for Lodges by grants and donations.
KO - you're down, man.  Don't get back up, it'll just get ugly.


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