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Re: I really shouldn't comment

May 20, 1997 04:46 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:16 PM 5/20/97 -0400, JOSEPH PRICE wrote:
>>From what I have seen, many  organizations have been very slow
>in effectively using the new tool of communication. For example, recently I
>inquired our TSA Board of Directors (individual Directors) as to if any of
>them have e-mail address. One responded saying no and rest have not
>responded. It looks like they still do not understand or appreciate the
>usefulness of e-mail as a tool of communication. Of course with the quick
>communication tool, you lose the slack that is available in the snail mail,
>which is sometimes an advantage when you want to drag your feet.
>I have been refused entrance to Krotona, now probably forever.  So what the
   Can you fill me on this. If you so desire, you can send me a private msg.

   As for Krotona, I do not know what is so special about that place to you.
I believe you are in Houston. If so you are already in a sacred place which
has been charged with powerful magnetism by Ernest Wood who lived in Houston
during his last days. Ernest Wood had direct contact with one of the Adepts,
not a second - third - nth hand contact. He also received continuing
guidance and information from the Adepts for a long period of time. The one
person whom you may want to talk to, who had known Ernest Wood when he lived
in Houston and was marginalized by the bureucracy is Ethel Wood (no relation
of Ernest Wood).

  Some time ago, some one mentioned that the average age of the Krotona
residents is in the neighborhood of upper eightees. I hope you are not in
that age range; may be you have to wait to you reach that age range. In
addition, it does not take much of intelligence to extrapolate what is
likely to happen in say 10-15-20 years to Krotona. I do not want to think
about it!

  Any spiritual help and progress can be obtained where you live now.

>But it has been my experience:
>that some people have the ear of the TSA.  These are not the common crowd, but
>the names like Jean Houston, Ken Wilber etc.

      Don't worry. Jean was the one who mislead everyone about her academic
qualifications and Ken is one whose fog level is such that I who am not
illiterate find it impossible to read and understand and enjoy. Of course
his books, as far as I am concerned, works like a charmed substitute to
sleeping pills. They work better and faster and cheaper with no side effects
and no recurring expense.

>Thus perhaps justly so and in a somewhat self-satisfied manner the TSA has
>1. heirciarchical
>2. elitist.
>3. fearful of losing the support of the Kern Foundation
>4. taken on the personality of several key figure who want to revel in the
>glories of the past
>5.  There are exception like the QUEST and other things, but the "new" blood
>that is desired is usally rich, concervative, very worshipful of HPB without
>really having read her!, and in generally not rocking the boat or getting any
>more bad publicity after the theosophical overtones of groups like THE SOLAR
>6.  Blavatsky is not quoted in serious scholarship so Ken Wilber who
>practically restates her, but  never gives her the least credit.
>Right now, I feel some have settled on Krishnamurti, or Annie Bessant as a
>substitute guru and very safe since they are dead.

    Let me post a talk on gurus by Krishnaji. After all the famous occult
dictum  - Man/woman Know Thyself. If you take that approach you don't need
anyone or any organization as a crutch. All that needs is the
self-confidence in oneself without becoming arrogant about it.

>By the way, its seems that most great teachers of the past suffered and took
>on the karma on their community i.e. socrates (hemlock), Christ
>(crucifiction), Krishnamurti (painful cancer).

   You forgot to add, when Krishnaji was alive, he was sued for $9,000,000
by four individuals and I know for sure that at least one of them is a
member of TSA and had held/holding office at the National Level in TSA.
(This fact is very little known to the membership and it took almost 20
years for me to find out) May be Krishnaji paid for the Karma of the
Community -- the litiguous society that USA is. Since I do not know how
Karma works, this is just my reading.

YMDMV - Your mileage and direction may vary.



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