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Re: Honesty is Shocking!

May 20, 1997 04:30 PM
by Thoa Thi-Kim Tran

>Triaist man(?):
>>Hey folks!  Long time no see.  I'm back.  A different name and a different
>>sex ...but hey, what the hell.  The signature's the same right?:)
>Keith:  Yeah! Welcome back whoever!  I thought nothing could surpass my
>shocking revelations (shocking because it was my stuff, I guess), but this
>take the cake. I never new what a Triaist was any way and now all I can say is
>Jaqui OH!.  I guess on the internet we are allowed to be anonymous or cloaked
>anyway and yet reveal our real selves in an equally strange way.

Keith, perhaps he was a woman named Jaqui all along!  It all makes sense, a
guy named John Straughn (John Strong, how masculine) who fights for men's
causes.  I guess he was a woman who dreamed that she was a man who thought
that he was a woman who pretended to be a man thought to be sexist but is
not who turned into a carrot, then a cabbage, and possibly a fruitist.


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