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Honesty is Shocking!

May 20, 1997 01:13 PM

Now that I'm resending this again, again, again, I'd like to add another
thing.  Welcome, also, Jaqi!  At first I thought Triaist man signed himself
as Jaqi in response to Alan's request.  After reading Jaqi's posts, I realize
that the tone was different.  Jaqi, Triaist man once made a statement
regarding that he might be fooling us and that he was actually a woman.   Oh,
well, he still might be.


Triaist man(?):
>Hey folks!  Long time no see.  I'm back.  A different name and a different
>sex ...but hey, what the hell.  The signature's the same right?:)

Keith:  Yeah! Welcome back whoever!  I thought nothing could surpass my
shocking revelations (shocking because it was my stuff, I guess), but this
take the cake. I never new what a Triaist was any way and now all I can say is
Jaqui OH!.  I guess on the internet we are allowed to be anonymous or cloaked
anyway and yet reveal our real selves in an equally strange way.

P.S. Did you see SPY HARD, where the bumbling detectives are on the phone and
one says, "use the cloaking device!"  and the othe detective grabs his coat,
puts it on his head and continues to talk in a whisper.

You have to see it for yourself.  I haven't recently laughed so hard!

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