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May 18, 1997 07:13 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

I agree fully with what you guys said about dirty missions. There is no
excuse for those, and if that's why there's secrecy, I'm against it.
However, I know that sometimes the government needs to keep something secret
to protect us, but really to protect us. Just for instance, during WWII our
soldiers weren't allowed to tell us at home where they were. If that weren't
secret, an enemy could figutre out from a number of letters where our troop
movements were, and that would have made D-Day, for instance, more difficult
and would have cost more casualties. If today we were to plan to dispose
Sadam Hussein, it would have to be done with secrecy if it were ever to
succeed, because if we did it out in the open, he'd sneak away for sure. So
sometimes secrecy is justified, but not to kill and torture innocent people.


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