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Thought for Food

May 18, 1997 10:20 AM
by E. J.

     Information involved in Unfolding Inner Consciousness and all of its
related areas should indeed be put in more understandable terms than they are
generally put.   In fact, one of our main tasks is to put forth such information
in terms excluding the mystical references and more technical terms for the lay
reader, but sometimes that is not totally possible.   Anyone who has read and
understood the original writings (which are generally from a wide variety of
perspectives from various schools of thought) should endeavor to present the
information in understandable terms for those who are trying understand the same
information (which is what the "The Bridge Builder" poem was saying).   Not very
many do this, which is sad to me.

     HOWEVER, a True Seeker will do what needs to be done in order to be able to
understand needed information regardless of the task.   There is no price too
high to pay for Awareness and Understanding.   If it means studying Buddhism to
understand the Buddhist information, then do it.   What ever it takes to be able
to understand.   We should not expect that because we can not understand
something that the writer should rewrite it to accommodate our laziness.   How
would you get Plato or Moses or the Bible authors to rewrite the material ?   IT
IS UP TO THE SEEKER.   We save ourselves, remember.

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