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Reunification||Re: how, why...

May 18, 1997 01:57 AM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

Thoa, you are very right in that we need to reunify the theosophists of
the world, but you are also right in that we are all very far apart.  Here
I am, way up in Alaska, thinking, that would be great!  Then I
remember that I'm way up here in Alaska.  Then I frown.  I think my
problem is that I like to see results fast.  I know that in time, your
idea of reunification would become a possibility provided that everyone
pitched in.  I'm out of school and out of the teen-years, however, I think
I still fit your profile of an 18 year old student.  I want it now.

Impossible?  Yup.  I talk to people here about theosophy almost on a daily
basis.  Many people scoff.  What can I tell them?  I just shrug my
shoulders and move on to a different subject, (often being very sneaky and
trying to get them to agree with theosophic principles before they even
know that they are agreeing with them) :P.  There are a lot of "new agers"
up here, and many people have an open mind.  But when it comes to putting
a name to their beliefs, such as "theosophy", they turn away.  It's kind
of funny, really.  I'm not really a theosophist myself, but I am.  I think
that is because a theosophist is not really a theosophist.  hmmm...I"m not
making sense...all theosophists can be theosophical, but not all people
who are theosophical call themselves theosophists.  That might be better.

I think that when you put a name to something such as this, it becomes a least, that is what people think.  Christians generally don't
want to be called "theosophical" Christians.  I am not Christian either,
in the generally accepted term. ...

I suppose what I am trying to say is that it is difficult to have a
workshop or a class on something that people are more or less afraid of.
You can tell them we're not a sect, or a cult, or a religion, but they
won't believe you, 'cause you have a "name".  I can get people to listen
to me just as long as I don't say, "In theosophical terms...", or
"Theosophists tend to believe....".

If there were theosophists here, I would do everything I could to get them
together.  Of course, I haven't really tried very hard in looking for them
either.  Perhaps I'll put an ad in the paper...*shrug*  Oh, I brought up
new-agers and I had a point to that...  Very few who study and practice in
a new age "format" know that theosophy sparked the very beginnings, and
practically founded, the new age movement.  When you tell them this, they
look at you like you have spinach in your teeth.

However, in light of your post, I will try a little harder to find some
fellow theosophists in my area.

Can you be a theosophist without being a theosophist?

 --signed, confused.  (how do I do that to myself?)


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