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Re: World Wide Mind

May 17, 1997 10:50 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

The internet indeed has had quite in impact on the flow of information.
Both right and wrong.  The trick is to find which is which.  I think the
book you mentioned, Eldon, is definitely worth going through.

As the years go by, we are provided with things that seem important in the
"information age".  The Internet, faxes, phones, etc, ...things which get
the information across the world easily.  One problem with this which was
well pointed out, is that we lose the personal contact which greatly
enhances the experience.  Nowadays, we feel that getting the information
is enough.  It is a lot easier to be "book smart" than to have experience.
We definitely have lost the initiative to go out and find what we want to
understand.  The books seem to provide everything simply because we don't
really know anymore what "everything" is.

Another problem on the internet, due mostly the differences in language
and culture, is the misunderstanding of concepts.  Something as simple as
sarcasm will often not be recognized unless clearly stated.  I just love
sarcasm. (sarcasm).  A lot is lost because we can't see facial expressions
or hear tones.  Not everyone knows how to express their thoughts in
writing as well as Blavatsky, or in music as well as Mozart.  Even they
can be confusing at times.

The internet, however, is already annihilating these problems.  A person
can already see the person they are talking to on the net, so long as they
have the appropriate software and the hardware to handle it.  It won't
take long before the internet will be identical to meeting someone on the
street.  And if virtual reality ever makes it to the net, (after some
serious restructuring), you WILL be meeting someone on the street.

Once these kinds of enhancements take place, the problems of cults and
misinformation will only get worse, (or perhaps better, since one will be
able to see the "leader".)  However, experience will be reinstituted in
virtual form, (perhaps not psychically though), and correct information
will be much easier to distinguish from the bs.


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