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May 17, 1997 10:19 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

Thank you for the wonderful excerpt, Doss.  I don't find much material
where I am.

With regards to dependence, and using the allegory, it seems that one has
to play the monkey before one becomes the kitten.  You have to search for
and realize the mother before the mother can carry you.  Wood seemed to
touch on the concerns about secrecy as well.  His dislike of the E.S. was
partly due to the fact that he hated wondering if one person knew more
than the other and they were not willing or "able" to share it.  All of us
dislike secrets even though we understand the "human" need for them.  When
most people discover something, they want to be recognized for it.  They
don't want someone else to get the credit for their understanding.  Also,
people keep secrets simply because they don't want anyone to know that
THEY know, for fear of rejection, and/or reverance.  I personally
LOVE(sarcasm) the veil people throw on secrets which would help a person
"evolve".  It goes something like this: "Well, I can't tell you, 'cause it
might hurt you."  The truth is, they won't tell you because they don't
trust you.  I like it when people are honest about it.  When they tell me
straight out that they don't trust me with the information, I can at least
know the more important truth, (their distrust), and I can find out why
they don't trust me.  Usually, secrets come about due to misconceptions of
people.  I am somewhat divided on my opinion regarding secrets.
Particularly when it involves "the masses".  The E.S. is most likely
concerned about the widespread knowledge of spirituality.  The knowledge
can be and is abused.  If I knew something that could save mankind or
destroy it, I would probably be very picky about who I gave the
information to.

However, Those Who Know do not need to be or act superior to Those Who
Don't Know.  I think that Wood probably disliked the arrogance more than
the secrecy.  I know very little about the structure and the people of the
E.S. or the Co-Masonry (if that is the correct title).  Therefore, I
cannot pass personal judgement upon them.  There reasons for secrecy seem
to be well established, however, if they are as arrogant as others say
they are, then I have to shake my finger at them.

The rise of the Co-Masonry seemed to be very conniving as well, with
respect to Wood's description of it.  There was a lot of "behind the
scenes" BS going on.  I cannot agree with that kind of action.  If they
were thinking about setting it up, they should have told people they were
going to do it.  Instead, they told people they "might" do it while in the
process of preparing the way for doing it.  They hurt a lot of people in
the process.  Also, they lost one of the most important aspects of a
society... trust among members.  It is sad indeed.


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