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May 16, 1997 12:05 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>I am not
>saying that every organization should do this. But this just goes to
>demonstrate that doing business openly is practical.

I think, Doss, I'd like to stick to what you said originally. The minutes of
a board meeting of a public organization should be available to the public.
If there is a need for secrecy, like when a congressional committee
discusses the inner workings of the CIA, then it should be done in chambers,
privately. Barring such an overwhelming need for secrecy, the board's
dealings should be public, like the Congressional Record. I think members
are entitled, and also wish to know what's going on within their organization.

In this vein, I didn't at all appreciate being put in front of a virtual
fait accompli with our present by-laws. And when I tried to object, it
wasn't published, or rather what was published was so curtailed that it left
out all my objections. And they were valid, not dumb. They were just not
what the board had decided, and I still resent that nobody ever bothered to
say why my ideas weren't considered. And I recently wrote an objection
again, because in "The Messenger" they flatly stated that every TS officer
was democratically elected. I still don't agree, and I think that's the kind
of thing you're talking about. Our board never lets us know what transpires,
until it's already all decided upon, not even when it changes the by-laws,
which aren't democratic.

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