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May 16, 1997 09:14 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a thought in the light of the subject of Secrecy that is discussed here.

In the days of old when Initiates were the rulers of the land, the subjects
had their total confidence and trust in the wisdom and the judgment of the
rulers. In that environment, very little public disclosure was there.
Secrecy was the norm and everyone accepted it.

Today things have changed. Democracy is the preferred system. With democracy
comes openness. Secrecy and Democracy do not go together. There may be
isolated instances when secrecy is justified -- especially when governments
get involved in dirty missions or the privacy of individuals is at stake. In
all other cases, more openness is conducive to better support from the public.

Based on the above analogy, today, every organization cannot but benefit
from openness. Failing to be open, just has an inbuilt time bomb when some
facts come out and enrage the public. We see this very often.


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