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New files on WWW (mostly in Russian)

May 04, 1997 10:37 AM
by Martin_Euser

> From: Kay Ziatz <>
> Subject: New files on WWW

    Hello Martin! Please forward it.

   For russian readers of THEOSL-L, ALT.THEOSOPHY & etc.

   New files at "Jack of the Box library"

All files here are in Russian, expect those which especially marked.

Passed through fileecho XDOCASTRO

SILAMYSL.ZIP E.Pisareva. Thought power & thoughtforms
HPLET.ZIP    HPB letter on christianity
UPANISAD.RAR Some upanishades
LECHEBN.ZIP  How our grandfather cured - Receipts of traditional medicine
ASANY.RAR    Some asanas for meditation, w/photos, from "Yog Rashmi"
KABB_FAQ.ZIP Kabbalah FAQ (engl)
WHM.ZIP      A. Bailey. Treatise on white magic
EF-MASLA.ZIP Etheric oils & how to use them
OKK-PHIL.ZIP H.C.Agrippa. Occult philosophy, book I
OSNCIGUN.ZIP Li Zhungyuy. Basics of Tzigun sciense
OSN-YOGI.ZIP Ramacharaka. Basics of yogic worldview
VIMANY.ZIP   Article on vimanas (indian aircrafts)
DALAIMED.ZIP Dalai-lama lecture on meditation
TRAVAYUR.ZIP Ayurveda recommendation on using plants
CLAIR.ZIP    C. Leadbeater. Clairvoyance
DALPROSV.ZIP Dalai-lama lecture - Path to illumination
MYSLFORM.RAR A.Besant, C.Leadbeater. Thoughtforms
DERVISHY.HA  Idris Shah. Dervish tales.
TABELAR.ZIP  T. Abelar. The sorceress crossing
GRANI-5.HA   Crystal faces of Agni-yoga, vol. V
GRANI-6.HA   Crystal faces of Agni-yoga, vol. VI
ALBERT.HA    Albert the great. Libellus de alchimia
SHAMATHA.HA  Jampa Tinley. Shamatha - Basics of tibetian meditation
GNOSIS.HA    J. Rijkenborg & K. Petri - De gnosis universalis
OKKMED.HA    Letters on occult meditation received by A. Bailey
VISHNU.HA    Vishnu-purana, book I.
YOGA-SNA     Chogyal Namhai Norbu Rimpoche. Yoga of dreaming (Dzogchen)

--- PPoint 1.86
 * Origin: Choobice fan club (2:5020/360.4)


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