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May 04, 1997 09:22 AM
by joyce bays

 Hi ,

I am new to this list and kind of new to Theosophy also.
I enjoyed reading your views on Karma.

Most people who know me and of my past life would say I would be foolish
not to take an opportunity to have changed it. But as I look back upon my
life I know that all the hardships and troubles are what created this
person me. If things were different then I would not have learned the
lessons I needed to learn this life time. Nor would I be me. I do not think
I would have liked the other me as much as I like this me. the seeker.

I have been blessed with a talent of being able to look back on life and
seeing where the threads of my life are leading. I do enjoy sitting back
every now and then to view my own private show.


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