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Re: Karma,

May 04, 1997 10:43 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:16 PM 5/4/97 -0400, joyce bays wrote:
> Hi ,
>I am new to this list and kind of new to Theosophy also.
>I enjoyed reading your views on Karma.
>Most people who know me and of my past life would say I would be foolish
>not to take an opportunity to have changed it. But as I look back upon my
>life I know that all the hardships and troubles are what created this
>person me. If things were different then I would not have learned the
>lessons I needed to learn this life time. Nor would I be me. I do not think
>I would have liked the other me as much as I like this me. the seeker.
>I have been blessed with a talent of being able to look back on life and
>seeing where the threads of my life are leading. I do enjoy sitting back
>every now and then to view my own private show.
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Glad to see your msg. From a very practical standpoint, we are all novices
on Karma, Reincarnation and other matters when we truthfully look at our
first hand knowledge even though there may be some who are very learned and
scholarly on "second, third, ...." hand material. So views and experience of
everyone is very valuable however unimportant it may look to some.

As an unmoderated list with no control or censor from any organization, you
and me and everyone is free to share our views -- whatever they may be
without any intereference from anyone. So I look forward to more traffic
from you and everyone.

One the issue of happenings in our lives, I recall that HP Blavatsky
mentioned that if we only pay close attention to all incidents in our lives
as they happen and a little bit perceptive, then we can intuit the course of
events and once we are able to see that, life makes it easy to deal with and
like high and low notes of a well composed music -- metaphorically. Just my

...doss aka MKR

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