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Spiritual groups

May 04, 1997 06:51 PM
by Titus Roth

Alan wrote:

> The real work is very possibly already in the hands of "other oufits."
> It is even possible that the work is being done by individuals rather
> than organisations as we know them.  All of the names of innovators of
> their day (Buddha, Jesus, Shankaracharya and others) are those of
> *singular* individuals.  That various movements and organisations
> followed upon their work has all to often proved to be a mixed blessing.

People will always want to share their spiritual lives in groups. Even
Nietzsche's Zarathustra could not glory in his own singular achievement,
but had to go down from the mountain:

"... at last his heart turned - and one morning he rose with the dawn,
stepped before the sun, and spoke to it thus:

Great star! What would your happiness be, if you had not those for
whom you shine! ...

Behold! I am weary of my wisdom, like a bee that has gathered
too much honey; I need hands outstretched to take it ...

Bless the cup that wants to overflow, that the waters may flow
golden from him and bear the reflection of your joy over all the world!"

That groups have failed should not discourage us. I would only say that
smaller groups are more likely not to become corrupt. In larger groups people
that rise to the top are frequently the most aggressive and self-promoting,
not the most spiritual.

Regarding founders, it is true that if they are exceptional souls they
show their merit and charisma early in life. But they do not get dumber
with age!

Doss wrote:

> If we look at TS, in most countries is lead rarely by anyone young. It
> appears that in the minds of some people, age and grey hairs are equated
> with wisdom. It may equate with the practical machinations of the day to day
> world and experience with playing the tricks that you normally see in the
> business world and not any wisdom. I am sure all of you have seen this. I do
> not have to give examples.

My own spiritual teacher became more wise with age. Her most important
writings came later in life - as did the writings of many other great
men and women.

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