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Re: young leaders

May 04, 1997 06:18 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:51 PM 5/4/97 -0400, JRC wrote:
>On Sun, 4 May 1997 wrote:
>> > but *why* would they want anything to do with the political
>> >crap, institutional nepotism, philosophical inbreeding, shadowy little
>> >self-important ES cabal and intellectual condescension they'd have to wade
>> >through before they'd be permitted to begin to make even the slightest
>> >difference in the TS?
>> Maybe they have a well-developed sense of irony.
>Yes ... I wonder whether the TS is now faced with the same Catch-22 US
>national politics faces: A system has developed in which the people
>actually capable of doing those things required to achieve power are those
>that under no circumstances should be permitted to have it.
>							(-:), -JRC

While we wait for some major things to take place, let me think of some
constructive ideas.

1. While we do what we can locally and individually, can the organization
come up with some simple objectives in the short term?

2. We can target and say we are going to have x number of study centers and
y lodges and z at large numbers by say year 199X.

3. If it is the intention to reduce the study centers and lodges and
increase at large members, then let us tell all our members that this is the
plan so we can all work towards it. We can all resign from our lodges and
study centers and change our membership to at large, that is easy.

4. If it is the intention to have x number of lodges in each state, then let
us say so and see how it can be done.

5. Let us set some targets; such as by year 199X, let us target so that each
National Officer is accessible by Internet so that there will be more easy
and frequent communication.

6. Let us say we shall have at least x number of visits by visiting
lecturers to each lodge and study center each year -- target to be reached
by year 199X.  Tell everyone this is what is the objective.

7. We can come up with a target say, the National President and First and
Second Vice Presidents will visit each lodge/study center x number of times
each year. (I am just borrowing the technique Sam Walton perfected in
building the Walmart stores.)

8. Let us get x number of travelling lecturers -- not the shuttling
lecturers by year 199x. If we cannot find within the country, let us look
outside USA.

9. Let us say we are going to produce x number of Certificate Holders in
Thesophy by year 199x.

10. Let us make the deliberations of the National Board more open.

11. Let us make most of the lodges and study centers accessible by Internet
by year 199x.

12. By year 199x let us target y number of members below the age of 25 years
of age.

13. Let us target we are going to have X million dollars in TIT by year
199x. We can all try to find out how this can be achieved.

so on and so on.

More later.

Just some ideas of the top of my head.

Your mileage and direction may vary.

Any and every idea is welcome.

...Doss aka MKR

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