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Re: Still, i insist...

Apr 18, 1997 09:49 AM
by Wildefire

In a message dated 97-04-17 21:57:33 EDT, you write:

> Hello again
>  Since this women (Lynn) did'nt make herself notice of the thing i
>  In thechnicolor-cinemascope Letters (also flourescent) I said to her!!
>  P l E A S E! ! ! ! 
>  D O N' T   A B U S E  O F  T H E  A B R E V I A T U R E S ! ! ! 
>  The thing is, that, for me that i am from another country where english is
>  NOT the common language, words like IMHO are so mysterious as the toughts
>  of the sacred rishis of the karma.
>  Estrella
>  P.S. A dear and warm salute to Thoa, Liesel,M.K.Ramadoss, and to "Doc"
>  :-P
>  P.S.S. I also give to you a warm welcome, Lynn, and to all of new pepole
>  writing here.
>  P.S.S.S. Lynn, please, i beg you, don't abuse of the abreviatures!!
> .
>  (as Roger Rabbit could beg) :-)

Thanks for your warm welcome!! :-)

I'm sorry about the abbreviations. I honestly forgot about your first request
when I wrote my most recent posts to the list. Your second request, in
response to an earlier message I posted, appeared after I sent those later
messages. Because of the timing of things, it appeared that I was totally
ignoring you (which I wasn't), leading to your third request. Anyway, I
apologize to you (and to everyone else on the list if I have violated a
convention here against using them). By the way, Troa, thanks for posting
your list of spellouts. I was going to do the same and send them to Estrella
by private email.

Those abbreviations, by the way, are just as mysterious to native
English-speakers when they first encounter them. Even though they are based
on English words, most of them are used only here on the Internet (though
apparently not on this particular list since I'm the only one you've asked to
stop using them). Despite having been an Internet user for several years,
occasionally I, too, encounter one that I haven't seen before and have to ask
the writer what it means. However, I simply ask what it means instead of
asking people not to use them. That way, I know what it means when I see it
again. :-) So, it is not the fact that English isn't your native language
that makes them so mysterious to you. It's just that apparently no one,
before Troa, has ever provided you with a list explaining their meanings. ;-D


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