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Re: Still, i insist...

Apr 17, 1997 04:51 PM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Estrella,

I'm getting ready to step out for dinner but have to stop at such an urgent
request! :o)  Here are some abbreviations in case any newbies came in using
them, and some us oldbies who forget.

IMHO-In My Honest Opinion
IMO-In my opinion
BTW-By the way
W/O- Without
FYI-For your information
ASAP-As soon as possible
G de P -G. De Purucker
HPB-Helena P. Blavatsky
AAB-Alice A. Bailey
AB-Annie Besant
APS-A. P. Sinnett
CWL- C. W. Leadbeater

That's all I can think of for now.  However, I'll avoid using them so that
you won't have another dictionary you have to look up. 

Thoa :o)

At 06:08 PM 4/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello again
>Since this women (Lynn) did'nt make herself notice of the thing i said,now,
>In thechnicolor-cinemascope Letters (also flourescent) I said to her!!
>P l E A S E! ! ! ! 
>D O N' T   A B U S E  O F  T H E  A B R E V I A T U R E S ! ! ! 
>The thing is, that, for me that i am from another country where english is
>NOT the common language, words like IMHO are so mysterious as the toughts
>of the sacred rishis of the karma.
>P.S. A dear and warm salute to Thoa, Liesel,M.K.Ramadoss, and to "Doc" Alan.
>P.S.S. I also give to you a warm welcome, Lynn, and to all of new pepole
>writing here.
>P.S.S.S. Lynn, please, i beg you, don't abuse of the abreviatures!! ppplease..
>(as Roger Rabbit could beg) :-)

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