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Re: Evolvement. Liberty and justice for all.

Apr 18, 1997 09:00 AM
by Titus Roth

Bart Lidofsky <> wrote:

> The problem is not that some people are more evolved than others. The
> assumption that causes problems is that we can tell how evolved a person
> is by looking at their skin color. The basic Nazi misinterpretation of
> Blavatsky was in assuming that the Aryans were the blond, Nordic type
> people and everybody else was sub-human. We must be careful not to step
> into the same trap.

Every truth can be misused or used to support some agenda. (See the
congressional debates).

Sometimes we are so used to a truth being used for some nefarious agenda that
the truth and the agenda become confused with one another. We then avoid
speaking about it and become "politically correct".

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