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Re: Evolvement. Liberty and justice for all.

Apr 17, 1997 01:08 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Titus Roth wrote:
> Anyway, what about the idea of different people (to avoid knee-jerk reactions,
> say within a group of white privileged upperclass males) having different
> levels of evolvement. Or let's compare me with Master KH. Is it unfair to me
> to say I am less evolved than him? If we were co-workers in the ashram would I
> be exploited and handicapped?
> My answer draws upon an analogy. A child is less developed in the context of
> one lifetime than an adult. Is he inferior? No. Is a tree that has just
> sprouted inferior to one that is presently 1000 years old? No. You have just
> seen them in a time-slice where one has unfolded certain latent potentials
> before the other. In some ways a child is more admirable than an adult. He or
> she is less jaded, more open to the wonder of life ... etc.

	However, people tend to treat children as if they are inferior;
certainly, children are expected to obey adults. 

	The problem is not that some people are more evolved than others. The
assumption that causes problems is that we can tell how evolved a person
is by looking at their skin color. The basic Nazi misinterpretation of
Blavatsky was in assuming that the Aryans were the blond, Nordic type
people and everybody else was sub-human. We must be careful not to step
into the same trap.

	Bart Lidofsky

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