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Evolvement. Liberty and justice for all.

Apr 17, 1997 11:03 AM
by Titus Roth

I am not tying the following discussion to root races. My posts, though
nowhere even mentioning root races seemed lumped in with Blavatsky's writings
on the subject.

Anyway, what about the idea of different people (to avoid knee-jerk reactions,
say within a group of white privileged upperclass males) having different
levels of evolvement. Or let's compare me with Master KH. Is it unfair to me
to say I am less evolved than him? If we were co-workers in the ashram would I
be exploited and handicapped?

My answer draws upon an analogy. A child is less developed in the context of
one lifetime than an adult. Is he inferior? No. Is a tree that has just
sprouted inferior to one that is presently 1000 years old? No. You have just
seen them in a time-slice where one has unfolded certain latent potentials
before the other. In some ways a child is more admirable than an adult. He or
she is less jaded, more open to the wonder of life ... etc.

Are we to treat all people as equal mathematicians? As equal poets? As equal
artists? Does less developed mean inferior?

What if you were one of those parents who had a mentally retarded child born
to you? Would you love him or her less? Would or should you give him or her
less effort or strive for less than the best? I think not.

On a soul level are equal to God and all are precious. All will unfold into
the same level of divinity.

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