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Re: satan, devil, bastards

Apr 17, 1997 11:51 AM
by Thoa Tran

>I don't agree exactly with your`view of the unconscious. To me the
>unsconscious is not something bad to be suppressed, but a part of me that
>needs to be worked with. To be sure, it contains some negative qualities,
>but it also contains creativity. You, as an artist are using it to
>advantage. May I suggest a book to you that presents a less negative view of
>the unconscious? Serge King's "Mastering Your Hidden Self" Among other
>things, he's also a clinical psychologist. He tries to teach you what makes
>the unconscious tick, and how you can communicate with it, and tell it what
>you want it to do. He's of the opinion that the unconscious is mechanistic
>to a certain degree, and carries out whatever has been programmed into it.
>Weighing matters, and choosing are conscious acts. There are ways of getting
>your unconscious to often do what you'd like it to do consciously.

Hi Liesel,

Actually, I agree with your view of the unconscious.  I was just trying to
state that it is bad to suppress your unconscious, that "you can
communicate with it, and tell it what you want it to do."  That is, make
friends with your unconscious, accept it, and love it.  If there are any
negatives in the unconscious, then that would be the way to heal it also.
I think a lot of the problems came about because instead of going through
the process of healing, people often go through the process of hating and
condemning, of trying to pretend that anything they don't like do not
exist.  That was the point of my paragraph.


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