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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 15, 1997 07:07 PM
by Wildefire

OK, time for me to delurk, no longer able to resist participating in such a
fascinating thread. ;-D When I read those passages in AAB years ago about
lesser evolved races, I was discomfited to read them and remain objective.
However, I decided that surely she (and the Tibetan) did *not* mean that all
members of the so-called "lesser evolved races" are indeed less evolved

I think that the key to this entire quandry about races, socio-economic
levels, lusty sex, etc. is that the soul (usually?) incarnates, IMHO, into
whatever circumstances are required for its ongoing development and into a
set of vehicles that are vibrating at right frequency for its point in
evolution at conception. I may be wrong (as it's been wayyyy too long since
I've read the Bailey books), but the vibration of the vehicles is not
entirely (if at all) determined by the genetic parents but by the
evolutionary state of the permanent atoms which remain with the soul until
the causal body itself is destroyed, IMHO. The genetic parents in this
scenario mainly provide the external set of circumstances that the
incarnating soul has to experience in the three worlds. Thus a highly evolved
soul (e.g., Martin Luther King) could easily incarnate into one of the
<groan> "lesser evolved" races to perform a given task and this probably
happens more often than we may think. Another factor that I believe governs
where or into what type of body a soul incarnates into is karma. Being that
karma often involves other souls, the process of discharging a karmic
relationship may require incarnation into a particular race, etc. to put the
soul into proximity with the souls with whom it has karmic relationships. But
this isn't necessarily limited to discharging karma involving other souls but
involves learning other karmic lessons as well. It is quite possible that a
particularly urgent karmic lesson can only best be learned by incarnating in
a specific place at a specific time and that this may at times override race,
socio-economic status, etc.

If, at any time in the 5th root race, anthropological race could be
associated with a particular level of evolution, we are rapidly passing that
point if we haven't already done so, IMHO. When AAB said that lesser evolved
souls were born of sexual unions that were solely for the point of
gratification, she may have been referring to the entire set of circumstances
surrounding the lives of the parents and into which the soul would incarnate
vs. the actual vehicles through which the soul would have to express itself.
IOW, it's rather logical to assume that people who copulate merely in
response to animal instincts are not as likely to provide an incoming soul
with an environment enabling easy expression of its higher qualities,
regardless of the quality of vehicles it spun. However, that does not
necessarily preclude a more highly evolved soul from specifically selecting
those circumstances as I discussed above. Furthermore, unless a soul is far
along on the Path and is actively attempting to accelerate the discharge of
its remaining karma, it is not likely that it will attempt to express all of
its qualities to the fullest extent of their development in one particular
incarnation anyway, IMHO.

I agree that the frequency of purely lust-driven unions is attracting a large
number of lesser evolved souls prematurely into incarnation and that it does
cause problems. I also feel that sexual promiscuity is a behavior that
transcends races. However, I feel that humanity as a whole has a group karma
and the AIDS epidemic may be a karmic effect of all of the manic coupling
that had been going on and is tending to correct the situation by reducing
the number of purely lust-driven unions occuring (not by the illness and
death of those suffering from AIDS, but by the overall reduction in
"thoughtless" sex and promiscuity.) I don't mean this statement to indicate
any lack of compassion on my part or to make judgements about the karma of
individual AIDS victims, BTW. I'm speaking only of humanity as a whole and
group karma. Nor do I mean "punishment" by "karma", but simply "cause and

I think the major source of the gnarliness of this whole issue is that we are
trying to make sense of it at the level of the personality from where we
cannot see of the relevant karmic relationships/necessities nor determine the
actual point in evolution of all of the souls involved.


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