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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 15, 1997 09:19 PM
by Titus Roth

Thoa Tran <> wrote:

> Okay, let me do some Anuloma Viloma, some T'ai-Chi, punch on the punching
> bag...ahhhhhh.

I could tell by the rest of your post that that helped. You were much more
.. calm. Sattvic. In tune with the cosmos.

> Titus, you said:

>> Alice Bailey had some interesting comments about the laxity of sexual
>> morals. She said that sex *solely* for the sake of personal gratification
>> attracts less evolved souls to be born. In many cases the timing for their
>> reincarnation was upset giving the danger of an over-concentration of such
>> souls.  Looking at the karma in today's parenting and the morals of
>> children today, I would say we have such an over-concentration now.

> If that's the case, then you can look at those groups that I pointed out and
> say that, right there, within that group, are lots of less evolved souls
> even from the moment of birth.

"Rejects of society, the orphans, the bastards, the incest victims, the
homosexuals, the gender confused, the drug addicts, the clones" ?? I fail to
see how any of them apply except for possibly "bastards". There you might have
a case.

Actually, I try to treat each person as a special case - setting aside as best
I can any notions based on their background. I am aware of certain statistical
discrepancies between people of different gender, nationality ... etc, but if
I pidgeon-holed people that way I would have to suspect each white male I met
of being violent, emotionally unavailable - and a poor dancer! I have a
personal interest in not doing that.

> See, Titus, read your statement again.  I'm not crazy!  Okay, emotional, but
> not crazy.

Well, I think I see your point that you must allow a person to prove himself
or herself. But I have to give Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul a thoughtful pause -
especially when I see vast numbers of people with seemingly no conscience
being born. In the volunteer work I did I saw parents who did not want to be
parents; and I saw how badly their children turned out. Nature or nurture? If
you say nurture entirely, I guess I can't really disprove it.

> Now, when it comes to a case of a person who is not a predator, but who has
> a lifestyle that I don't condone, I usually try not to judge.  Who am I to
> judge?  Chances are, that person is quite unhappy with his/her life and
> needs a friend.  Sometimes just having a friend who does not judge is enough
> for the person to gain self-respect, since that person's self-esteem has
> already been torn down by others who are judgmental.

I agree you begin with empathy. As long as you don't collude with a desire to
perpetuate behavior he/she knows deep inside is harmful. Many well meaning
people, who want to be liked by a person more than they want to help them, can
fall into this trap. That is a disguised form of meeting one's own need before
the other's.

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