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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 15, 1997 01:49 PM
by Thoa Tran

Titus wrote:
>Whoah Thoah!

Okay, let me do some Anuloma Viloma, some T'ai-Chi, punch on the punching

>I said nothing about less evolved races. As to my paraphrased quotes of
>Bailey, please re-read them. I refered to sex *solely* for the purpose of

Titus, you said:

>Alice Bailey had some interesting comments about the laxity of
>sexual morals. She said that sex *solely* for the sake of personal
>gratification attracts less evolved souls to be born. In many cases the timing
>for their reincarnation was upset giving the danger of an over-concentration
>of such souls.  Looking at the karma in today's parenting and the morals of
>children today, I would say we have such an over-concentration now.

Note the "sex *solely* for the sake of personal gratification attracts less
evolved souls to be born."  If that's the case, then you can look at those
groups that I pointed out and say that, right there, within that group, are
lots of less evolved souls even from the moment of birth.  Unfortunately,
souls born under unfortunate circumstances usually do not have a chance to
prove themselves, since they are usually faced with environments that
suppress their developments.  Few are as lucky as myself, who are able to
move out of such an environment, write and tell their side of things.  Now,
if the laws haven't changed and Martin Luther King was never taught to read
and write, I bet general opinions would still be that African-Americans are
inferior in intellect and development.  There was an unfortunate joke posted
way back stating that Puerto Ricans have no father.  If that was the case,
you can point at Puerto Ricans and say that THERE is an over-concentration
of less evolved souls.

See, Titus, read your statement again.  I'm not crazy!  Okay, emotional, but
not crazy.

>Since you raised the attitude of looking on others as souless ...
>Countless women have been the victims of men who used them only for their own
>gratification and who then left after their bodies had fulfilled their
>usefulness. Under such situations, there is no permanence, no committment, no
>treatment of the other as a soul.

Yes.  In sex just purely for gratification, not considering the possibility
of disease and emotional repercussions, women will always have to put up
with the consequence of their action.  There's no getting around it.  Even
with abortion or adoption, there are still consequences.  With men, it's a
squirt and a bye-bye if they choose to.  Even if a man does not care for the
woman, the consequence extends beyond the woman.  The consequence could be a
holy terror like me, and if I have kids, I pass on the terror, until we have
a whole world populated with holy terrors.  Of course, some souls refuse to
pass on the terror.

>Harass away!

Okay, it's what I do best!

>We have to draw the distinction between acceptance of the person versus
>his/her behavior. Morals (thou shalt not kill ... etc) are not bad -
>only a rigid interpretation of them.
>I can accept the rejects of society, the orphans, the bastards, the incest
>victims, the homosexuals, the gender confused, the drug addicts, the clones. I
>*do* have a Pisces Moon (or maybe "I'm half-human, Captain."), which gives me
>a sympathy for the outcasts.  Furthermore I even have a sympathy for the
>perpetrators of crimes, not only the victims. But sympathy does not imply
>condoning behavior.

>It is an insult to a person to accept behavior from him/her that he/she
>ultimately doesn't find acceptable to him/herself. Healing also comes from
>a person gaining self-respect. 

True.  When somebody whines about their past suffering, sometimes I feel
like saying, "Okay, you're an adult now.  What are you doing to do about
it?"  Actually, since we all mostly feel lost, it would be good if someone
can point us in the right direction.  However, there are some actions that
should be clearly known as wrong, such as predatory acts.  Although, I too,
somewhat understand the predators.  Of course, my sympathy weighs with the
victims and I have a harsh view point on punishment.

Now, when it comes to a case of a person who is not a predator, but who has
a lifestyle that I don't condone, I usually try not to judge.  Who am I to
judge?  Chances are, that person is quite unhappy with his/her life and
needs a friend.  Sometimes just having a friend who does not judge is enough
for the person to gain self-respect, since that person's self-esteem has
already been torn down by others who are judgmental.

>"Truth is not as complicated as men's opinions of it." I think we need less
>clever, convoluted thinking and more experience-near, common sense thinking.

Agree, Captain!

Thoa :o)

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