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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 15, 1997 09:28 AM
by Titus Roth

Whoah Thoah! You wrote:

> Oh, some take on Blavatsky is
> that clones will be soulless and that the aborigines could possibly be a
> less evolved race.  Also, what is moral and immoral?  My gosh, I sure hope
> I was the product of great and lusty sex!  It would be disappointing
> otherwise.

I said nothing about less evolved races. As to my paraphrased quotes of
Bailey, please re-read them. I refered to sex *solely* for the purpose of

Since you raised the attitude of looking on others as souless ...

Countless women have been the victims of men who used them only for their own
gratification and who then left after their bodies had fulfilled their
usefulness. Under such situations, there is no permanence, no committment, no
treatment of the other as a soul.

> I would harass you some more, Titus, but it's getting very, very late.
> Good night and sweet wet dreams.

Harass away!

> Perhaps all the moralizing result of the Bible, etc., was because the Divine
> inspiration had to go through the receiver's conscious, which is the moralizer
> and suppressor of the unconscious.  Perhaps the way to deal with this coming
> out of the unconscious, this anti-Christ, is to HEAL, and NOT to do more of
> the moralizing.  Healing requires acceptance and understanding.

We have to draw the distinction between acceptance of the person versus
his/her behavior. Morals (thou shalt not kill ... etc) are not bad -
only a rigid interpretation of them.

I can accept the rejects of society, the orphans, the bastards, the incest
victims, the homosexuals, the gender confused, the drug addicts, the clones. I
*do* have a Pisces Moon (or maybe "I'm half-human, Captain."), which gives me
a sympathy for the outcasts.  Furthermore I even have a sympathy for the
perpetrators of crimes, not only the victims. But sympathy does not imply
condoning behavior.

> Healing requires acceptance and understanding.

It is an insult to a person to accept behavior from him/her that he/she
ultimately doesn't find acceptable to him/herself. Healing also comes from
a person gaining self-respect. 

> I wonder whether the Bible, other sacred texts, and Blavatsky's writings
> need to be relooked at for clues.  These texts need to be combined with
> today's knowledge of science, technology and sociology in order to get at
> the obscure meanings.  Perhaps the jigsaw puzzle need to be taken apart and
> put back together with the knowledge that the original fit may not be
> right.

"Truth is not as complicated as men's opinions of it." I think we need less
clever, convoluted thinking and more experience-near, common sense thinking.

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