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karma or what

Apr 06, 1997 05:06 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Further discussion with Thoa

For sure, Plato's cave is like Serge's first principle. But when you talk to
Serge, he also implies that you can most often think up your own world as it
suits you, and change it around to suit yourself. Somehow, this isn't 100%
possible, because he also talks about a hurricane and a volcano having a
mind of its own. It will sometimes do what you ask of it, if you know how to
ask it, but sometimes it just has to do what it has to do.

I suppose from the point of view of physics and chemistry a shamanic system
is irrational. It's based on sometimes invisible factors, but I find that
Serge's reasoning makes a lot of sense to me. There isn't much he asked us
to accept on faith. He always had us trying out what he told us about, and
it worked, sometimes for all of us, sometimes only for some of us. 

"The root of illness is in the soul". Harry Van Gelder, who healed people
partly with homeopathic remedies, would always prescribe some remedies which
worked on the spirit and some which worked on the body. One of the
biofeedback researchers I read said that it doesn't matter where you tap
into a system, you can start a healing. That made a lot of sense to me,
because when you heal spirit it also helps heal the body, and when you heal
the body, it also helps heal the spirit. Maybe starting with spirit is more
effective, but there are those who can't heal that way, and I think rather
than give up, they should start healing the way they know how. I think it
helps heal. Maybe the trick is not to stop at one but to keep going till
you've healed the whole human being as much as possible. I can tell the
truth of that simply by my present experience. Since Harry has passed over,
I've had to rely on what's at hand, which is often allopathic medicine.
Right now I need dialysis. That's an absolutely physical thing. The machine
cleanses my blood. But the thing is, for the past 6 months, I did nothing
but eat and sleep, and nothing intellectual went in and out of my mind. The
dialysis is working, and I can tell you, my soul too has perked up. But I'm
working on that too.

You talk about a shaman traveling to the land of the dead. One thing Serge
touched on but I wish had taught us more about is traveling in Milu. You
enter through a hole in the ground, and you go on a journey underground to
help somebody. You meet and fight monsters, and think your way past all
kinds of obstacles, and come back with an object or an idea retrieved to
restore the person you're helping.

I've learned too that shamans assist the dying, and newly dead. 

The technique of the little boy fighting cancer with a baseball team is
considered third level, I think. He's changing what is in our world by
changing symbols. When you change the symbols, you also change what they
stand for. 4th level is more when you feel as one with something. For
instance I've learned more about what makes my little cat tick by trying to
walk in her shoes.

I'm glad, since you're in college, that you find time to pray & etc. When I
was that age, I was seeking but I didn't find anything to believe in. Also,
I was too busy with secular matters to pray. Also, I didn't believe in it.
Same in the first 15-20 years after I graduated, got a job, got married &
had kids. I was too tied up with secular things. I'm glad you're getting to
it early in life. It'll help you get further in the long run.

Glad also that you found "learning to be". I know what it is, from watching
my kitty, but haven't achieved it yet. 

Looks like you're out to become an artist. It's a wonderful profession, if
you can find a way to make a livelihood. I came to it much later in life,
through handicrafts. I was making puppets and wall hangings. In the last few
years I've done acrylics. People say I'm good, but I dont' consider myself
that swift. There are people in my art class who do lots better. But it's fun.

Everything is a dance - agreed.

Take care


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