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An interesting fact re: Krishnamurti

Apr 07, 1997 03:43 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In the recent book by Mary Lutyens (who had known K all her life and had
written two biographies on K), there is a very interesting piece of information.

'...was asked what would happen if his audiences disappeared to which he
apparently answered, "I speak to live, if there were no more talks I would
die".. He often mentioned this, meaning that it was his job to speak and
that unless he could carryout his job those higher powers, in which he
believed and which directed his life, would have no more use for him.'

MKR Comment:

When I read the above reference to 'those higher powers', it did not
surprise me at all. This is one of the things that K had mentioned to those
close to him and I had heard of it being mentioned by a very very reliable
source several years ago. I have never seen anything written or heard any
mention of K saying anything about the 'the higher powers'.

Something to think about.

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