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Very attent on your saying

Apr 07, 1997 03:54 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

Hello to all the ones who write here.
I was listening with attention all of your letters to this place. 
Seems that Thoa, you are very versed in issues of body healing,
and you seem like a nice person , who is also very intelligent and wise,
and also funny, the thing i like most of a person, because the world and
the labor we have to do in this world is too serious for taking it seriously.
hahahahaha! :) (with a "Peanuts" caracter like laugh)
Also i find Liesel very versed in this kind of subjects. i enjoyed the \
digest of 97-3 (that's the name i got) with all the funny-replies to the
pepole, talking about cutting the toenails and stuff like that, but also i
want to talk of serious topic issues, really. my hunger of knowing is very
intense, and i want to learn more, and especially, be a better person, 
acomplishing the profund topics of Theosophy, so i can enter the "narrow path"
if, of course, i really deserve that,i think i do, so as the whole humanity.
i couldn't be substracted to the fact that i was keeping an eye of the \
serious discussion of Thoa-Liesel about healing-native like healing (chaman of
i don't know- what country ???) -kabalah-Golden Dawn-books-etc,etc,etc.
Since you did'nt answer my question (an innocent one comming from a graduate
student of biology) of who you are-where do you live etc,etc, i have to 
figure out that Thoa is a female-young girl no more than 30-student of Theosophy-Student of art,before,she was college student of Engeneering-it is right??
I don't know even from what country you are!! i did told least i
know that some human being called (itselve,because i don't know if is a she-he)
M.K.Ramadoss (very funny and intelligent, that's what i like of some pepole here, the sense of humor)
About healing, i don't know so much of it, i think i know nothing. but i know
that the healer has to be in perfect state of health to can heal, because of
if not, the sickness can be transported of the sick person to the healer.
If is not the case, the healer,like every human being, especcialy in the 
occidental civilization, has some sickness, he has to GENERATE THE ENERGY
from whithin him-her to can have enough to heal the pepole. if is not the 
case, the healer can get sick. 

Secound (about healing)
In the Theosophy, we know that we have a diffrent quantity of bodies, the
know that. but the point is that, to have real progress, the healing, it has
to be, not first the spiritual and later the phisic, astral one, but ALL OF
them at the same time, i know it is difficult, but with a lot of practice and
will we all can achieve this. other: it is true, is very slow and it carries
the risk of losing the control, but i think if it is all correlated, then, 
why we are making things by separate?? ALL IT IS, with and whithin, everything
is part of the circle, inside and around,i really have some difficulty to 
explain this well, but i think is like this. for some pepole is more easy doing
the healing of a body first then the other ones at a time, is valid also i\


I'm not shure if The Golden Dawn order was ruled-founder of Diane Moon, i
think was the name? Don Fortune, but that woman i think was part one time of the society
of a magic order that was part of that the terrible Aleister Crowley, then,
a dark magic order (I prefer the name "dark" or "obscure" for the black type
of magic, in english, to evade racial subjects that only get us to a bad joke
an a lost of time.) If the name is not that, or if i'm confusing the order,
please tell me. in Mexico we don't get so much information of that kind.

About kabalah, i read in a book long time ago, that this person of the book 
divided the world-year (zodiac type division) that we all are ruled by 72
genies or angels that all their names are obtained from the sacred name of
God (Jewish-Kabalah version) and that, like we have a certain personality
depending the time hour and place of our birth,and the zodiac assign us a 
certain zodiac sign/ascendant, we have a certain genie/angel that rules/ 
protect us since our birth.


I was reading the other day the book of Edward Schure (the great initiates)
is a very hard-to-digest book, very heavy stuff. in the Moses part, i read
some explanations of the sacred name of God (Jewish version) and in that
time, for me it seemed very clear. if you wish, you can read that part for
getting a more clear point of view of that.


No point. (just a joke and a leap to the seventh)


I really enjoyed your discussions. if you have some material that can be
intresting, i told you the themes of my interest in the later letter) 
be free to write. i'm at the haunt of knowledge and friends, especcialy.
It is cool talking to pepole who have also the freedom to make themselves
so much fun of itselves,and that makes you very important. remember that
also Gandhi was well know for his jokes in time of distress.
Very happy of considering your friend,


P.S. Be free to write. no kidding.,
is from Texas!!


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