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Re: Very attent on your saying

Apr 07, 1997 05:08 PM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Estrella :o),

It was very nice to read your friendly post.  Okay, no more mystery.  Here
are my stats.:

I was born on 8/17/64 at 1:45 a.m. GMT in Saigon, Vietnam out of wedlock.
My only knowledge of my biological father is through a couple of pictures.
My mom remarried an American when I was 4.  I later had two half-sisters,
and we all moved to the U.S. when I was 7 or 8.  Then my half-brother was
born.  Since my stepfather was in the Air Force, we moved around from
Louisiana, to Hawaii, and finally settled in Florida.  I attended school in
Florida, moved up to Boston for graduate school, moved to CT, then moved to
Half Moon Bay, California, where I am.  My education has been engineering,
but ended up with a Masters of Fine Arts.  I am 5'5" and 120 lbs., have
black hair, dk brown eyes.  As occupation, I juggle computer arts, silk
painting, etc.  I volunteer to teach art. My hobbies are running (5-10 miles
4 days/week), martial arts (T'ai-Chi, Kuk Sool Won, Wing Chun), cooking,
sewing, reading on just about anything,  and making fun of people.  I, too,
would hope that I am preparing myself to make a difference one day, however
small, starting with just being a good person (trying to get better) and
doing little things.  

I will type more on what you wrote.  Right now, I have to go off to my class.

Thoa :o)))

At 07:05 PM 4/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello to all the ones who write here. ...

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