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Re: The 32 Paths of Wisdom

Apr 06, 1997 02:58 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <v01530502af6da0640671@[]>, Thoa Tran
<> writes
>I've been trying to find information on the 32 Paths of Wisdom outside of
>your manuscript to no avail.

In *Sepher Yetzirah* by W. Wynn Westcott, pub. Weiser, NY, 1980 (and
maybe later. Errors in 1887 edition corrected.

In *The Holy Kabbalah* by A.E.Waite, various editions.

In *The Book of Formation* by Knut Stenring, Rider,London, 1923.

The last one is very scarce, and is my source for the names of the Paths
in Hebrew.  All are translations from the Hebrew.

>  However, I did find a couple of books by
>Halevi.  I bought the one with more information.  I enjoyed his book
>enormously.  It's beautifully illustrated and clearly written. However, it
>contained no information on the 32 paths.

Which ones?  His initial instruction came via a colleague of mine.

> My favorite metaphysical
>bookstore has one whole shelf dedicated to Magick, and one measly row to
>the Kabbalah.  I did notice that the Hermetic Temple and Order of the
>Golden Dawn are making their books and tapes easily accessible by giving
>discounts, etc., in preparation for the millenium.  Perhaps I should check
>with the bookstore to see whether they can order any books on the 32 paths
>for me.

I would imagine they can, most likely the Westcott will be easiest to
get, as he was Golden Dawn.  Mind you, so was Waite, but his is a very
large book, and only a small part of it contains the 32 Paths.  His
writing style is like reading through treacle.
>It's funny where our discoveries take us.  I always thought I would just
>stick with eastern and tribal topics, particularly since I have an aversion
>for western religion due to having to sing "Jesus...Jesus...Jesus in the
>morning, Jesus in the night time..." in Sunday school that my mother
>foisted on me because she wanted me out of the house.  However, exploring
>the fascinating Kabbalah is leading me to read *gasp* the Holy Bible!
>Nowhere in the Holy Bible did I see Tammy Faye Baker and the Evangelists!

Ther's probably a supplement in preparation ... sponsored by Coca Cola?

>I'm convinced even more that all the western religions are siblings, all
>the eastern religions are siblings, all the tribal religions are siblings,
>and that they are all cousins.  All are part of a circle.

This seems increasingly probable as one gets older, IMO.  However, the
perverted twists that some of them take are horrendous.

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