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Re: The 32 Paths of Wisdom

Apr 08, 1997 05:38 PM
by Thoa Tran

>In *Sepher Yetzirah* by W. Wynn Westcott, pub. Weiser, NY, 1980 (and
>maybe later. Errors in 1887 edition corrected.
>In *The Holy Kabbalah* by A.E.Waite, various editions.
>In *The Book of Formation* by Knut Stenring, Rider,London, 1923.
>The last one is very scarce, and is my source for the names of the Paths
>in Hebrew.  All are translations from the Hebrew.

Thank you.

>>  However, I did find a couple of books by
>>Halevi.  I bought the one with more information.  I enjoyed his book
>>enormously.  It's beautifully illustrated and clearly written. However, it
>>contained no information on the 32 paths.
>Which ones?  His initial instruction came via a colleague of mine.

Kabbalah:  Tradition of hidden knowledge.  Probably not one of his
extensive one, but the other book was just hand book size.  Not too much

>> My favorite metaphysical
>>bookstore has one whole shelf dedicated to Magick, and one measly row to
>>the Kabbalah.  I did notice that the Hermetic Temple and Order of the
>>Golden Dawn are making their books and tapes easily accessible by giving
>>discounts, etc., in preparation for the millenium.  Perhaps I should check
>>with the bookstore to see whether they can order any books on the 32 paths
>>for me.
>I would imagine they can, most likely the Westcott will be easiest to
>get, as he was Golden Dawn.  Mind you, so was Waite, but his is a very
>large book, and only a small part of it contains the 32 Paths.  His
>writing style is like reading through treacle.

Thanks, again.

>>It's funny where our discoveries take us.  I always thought I would just
>>stick with eastern and tribal topics, particularly since I have an aversion
>>for western religion due to having to sing "Jesus...Jesus...Jesus in the
>>morning, Jesus in the night time..." in Sunday school that my mother
>>foisted on me because she wanted me out of the house.  However, exploring
>>the fascinating Kabbalah is leading me to read *gasp* the Holy Bible!
>>Nowhere in the Holy Bible did I see Tammy Faye Baker and the Evangelists!
>Ther's probably a supplement in preparation ... sponsored by Coca Cola?

..with plenty of Diet Coke containing LOTS of aspartame!

>>I'm convinced even more that all the western religions are siblings, all
>>the eastern religions are siblings, all the tribal religions are siblings,
>>and that they are all cousins.  All are part of a circle.
>This seems increasingly probable as one gets older, IMO.  However, the
>perverted twists that some of them take are horrendous.

Yep!  I read everything with the knowledge that a person wrote it.  Even if
the person did get divine inspiration, I would think that it has to go
through the person's ego.  Oh, and that Bible!  So sexist!  Luckily I
didn't know that us women were condemned for starting that apple fiasco by
having to go through that painful birth process and having to serve men for
the rest of our lives.  Talking about negativity of the birth process, and
negativity of women in general.

Thoa :o(

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