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The 32 Paths of Wisdom

Apr 06, 1997 12:15 PM
by Thoa Tran


I've been trying to find information on the 32 Paths of Wisdom outside of
your manuscript to no avail.  However, I did find a couple of books by
Halevi.  I bought the one with more information.  I enjoyed his book
enormously.  It's beautifully illustrated and clearly written. However, it
contained no information on the 32 paths. My favorite metaphysical
bookstore has one whole shelf dedicated to Magick, and one measly row to
the Kabbalah.  I did notice that the Hermetic Temple and Order of the
Golden Dawn are making their books and tapes easily accessible by giving
discounts, etc., in preparation for the millenium.  Perhaps I should check
with the bookstore to see whether they can order any books on the 32 paths
for me.

It's funny where our discoveries take us.  I always thought I would just
stick with eastern and tribal topics, particularly since I have an aversion
for western religion due to having to sing "Jesus...Jesus...Jesus in the
morning, Jesus in the night time..." in Sunday school that my mother
foisted on me because she wanted me out of the house.  However, exploring
the fascinating Kabbalah is leading me to read *gasp* the Holy Bible!
Nowhere in the Holy Bible did I see Tammy Faye Baker and the Evangelists!
I'm convinced even more that all the western religions are siblings, all
the eastern religions are siblings, all the tribal religions are siblings,
and that they are all cousins.  All are part of a circle.


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