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Another grand salute :-)

Apr 04, 1997 03:08 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

Hello again!
i forgot saying more things about me, for each of us getting to knowing
each other better. i'm a biology student, in Ensenada, B.C. Mexico, but i'm
from Mexicali, B.C. Mexico. i know spanish, so , if someone here is well 
writer and talker" of spanish, can also comunicate w/me in the theos-span
For now, one of my interests is int the way the body can heal itselve by
the way occult, that is, by some unknown method described by Hodgson in its
book "occult nature of diseases" is a really small book. for i had been 
with some persistant diseases for a while and i want to be cured, definetively.
I'm also interested in the study of the chackras, the difrent bodies of the
human (fisic, etheric,astral, mental,etc) and almost everything that theosophy
I'm very glad for your welcome treats to me, Thoa and M.K Ramadoss from
San Antonio, TX. i also would welcome letters telling me more of personal
stuff, like your age,sex,place you live/are from,studies, personal interests,
So, whatever r your interests, please be welcome to write me! whatever you
like. i like to have friends,and for me is from a particular interest knowing
that i have friends from so far away.
be well and happy

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