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Re: an idea

Apr 04, 1997 04:47 PM
by Thoa Tran


>I agree with you. Crank calls are unpleasant & upsetting to say the least.
>I've had a few in my time. I'm glad you managed to scare him off. I usually
>hang up, & then unhook my phone for 1/2 hour.
>I once got a  very graphic description on my answering machine from some nut
>who thought my friendly "please leave a message" meant I was a prostitute.
>For a while, a small girl with a filthy mouth left messages on my answering
>machine every few days. Also, she was going to come over & rape me. I felt
>really badly that a small child was doing this. It was a call for help,
>which I had no way of answering, since I didn't know who she was. So finally
>I disconnected my answering machine for a few months.
>Just so you don't think you're all alone in this.

Thanks, Liesel.  From my experience, acting scared does not help, acting
nice does not help, and plain hanging up doesn't help.  I refuse to let
such a person have any effect on my life.  Thus, I decided I was going to
have fun with it.  I've adopted the tyrannical mother persona, the
religious fanatic persona, and the person on vacation from mental hospital
persona.  I would advise any woman to not hesitate to be totally crazy,
disgusting, or aggressive whenever the situation calls for it.  The point
is to be the one in control.

I think the private exchanging of phone numbers and addresses is good.  If
anyone needs my info., let me know.  If I don't give it to you, then you
know I think you're a wacko. :o)


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