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Black Magicians

Apr 04, 1997 05:45 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> Nice one.  Here you dial 1471. Once I had someone [male] call me for no
> immediately obvious reason and let loose a horrendous scream down the
> wire.  I guessed it was someone I had upset recently who saw himself as
> a 'black magician.'  

	I must admit that magic is one of the areas in which African Americans
are currently greatly underrepresented. The top performers (David
Copperfield, Blackstone, etc.) are all European descent. So perhaps the
person you called was just frustrated at not being able to find any
stage dates. You should have calmly suggested trying table magic at
night clubs; the tipping can be quite excellent there.

	Bart Lidofsky

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